Starting a Chapter

Welcome to the ESW Family!

Chapters are at the core of ESW - they are the local entities that bring people together physically to do projects, educate, and build communities. With a network of 1,000+ members who are committed to global sustainability, ESW's growth is largely due to the dedicated efforts of our chapter organizers. Starting an ESW chapter will benefit you and your community, and will engage your peers in a powerful global initiative to build a better world.

We encourage you to join ESW before starting a chapter so you can connect with other members of our community, attend our national events and short courses, and gain access to exlusive ESW educational and networking resources. If you have a longer timeframe, we encourage you to attend our ational eventa (such as our annual conference) to get a sense for the ESW family!

Read more below about what it means to start a Student or Professional Chapter, or skip right to our inquiry form.

Student Chapters

Starting a student chapter has a variety of benefits, including leadership experience and national funding opportunities. All chapter members also gain free ESW national student membership, which comes with exciting benefits such as discounts on ESW conferences and short courses, and access to exlusive educational and networking resources.

Our core requirements for new student chapters are:

  • A faculty advisor
  • Ability to receive official school recognition
  • Identification of a few initial projects
  • An intial founding document
  • An identified means of paying chapter dues ($450 for larger chapters and $225 for smaller chapters)

Professional Chapters

Starting a professional chapter will connect you to our growing network of sustainability-minded professionals, both nationally and locally. In addition to our exciting professional member benefits (which include discounts on ESW conference and short courses, and access to exclusive educational and networking resources), your chapter will also receive aid with national-level funding to support its local activities. Even better, starting a professional chapter is free!

Our core requirements for new professional chapters are as follows:

  • Five dues-paying professional members
  • Some project or activity ideas
  • An initial founding document

We suggest thinkig about the geographic region you'd draw members from, and contacting us to see if we know people in that area that might also be interested.

What's Next? (Inquiry Form)

If you've met some or all of the new chapter requirements or have questions about how to get started, please contact us by filling out the form below! We'll get back to you within 48 hours with more information and to schedule a follow-up call.