Founding Donors Campaign


The Founding Donors Campaign is a one-time campaign that ends on March 1st, 2017, and will pave the way for our giving societies.  A giving society is comprised of individual donors who commit to give a set dollar amount every year and they receive exclusive access to content and events.  You have the opportunity to become a Founding Donor when your total contributions reach the set dollar amount by March 1st.  As a Founding Donor you can shape your giving society and decide its goals, its potential events, and what kind of benefits members will receive.

Current Donors

Level Benefits Donor Names


Waived regional conference fee

ESW calendar for the year

Chris Thai

Paulo Lopes

Ben Gould

Michael Brownell


1 free short course, good for one year

Waived fee for all regional conferences for one year

Yamit Lavi

Alexander Dale

Bob Bechtold

Patrick Eells


Discounted annual conference fee

2 free short courses, good for one year

Brian Lange

Derek Chung

Mike Alcazaren

Rena Chen

Brittany Bennett


Waived annual conference fee

4 free short courses, good for one year

Melinda George