Chapter Referral Program

ESW grows when we find passionate people at new places that want to do technical projects, either locally or with international partners. We know that what ESW is doing makes sense to schools (and communities) of all sizes because of talking with them at events, but finding the right person to start a chapter rarely happens because of cold emails, and we don't get to enough events. To that end, we're pleased to announce a new referral program as incentive for you to get your friends involved in ESW! 

Here's how this works: You talk with your friends, however you talk with your friends - text, email, Skype, messenger pigeon, etc. - and get them interested in ESW. Our friendly New Chapter Development folks are happy to get you some materials if you need them - email Derek for US or Canadian places west of the Mississippi, Alyssa for points east, and Erin Rose for places in other countries. Your friend gets together 9+ other students, an advisor, and project ideas, and submits an application, citing you as the reference. Once they pay dues, we celebrate a new chapter and send your chapter a check for $100! You can use that money for project materials, conference travel (come to Rochester!), snacks during a speaker event, or whatever else you like. 

What do we get out of this? The referral program will expand our national brand recognition, as well as reach more communities. We also know that for any new initiative, roughly 10% of chapters will be interested (feel free to break those odds). Because things work better with 5-6 chapters, we'd like to have 50-60 chapters. We are incentivizing students and chapters to work with friends from local universities to start more ESW chapters because we think ESW chapters are a good way to have more students exposed to sustainability, both inside and outside the classroom. In addition, we're confident that we can continue providing robust support to all chapters, even with some growth. 

So - if you think ESW is awesome, tell your friends, start some new chapters with new projects, and get some money for your chapter in return!

P.S. New professional chapters will also qualify for this program, with some slightly different starting requirements.