Leadership Team Overview

ESW-HQ functions primarily because of our core volunteer team. These dedicated individuals manage day-to-day operations, creation and implementation of new programs, and relations with other organizations. While these positions are unpaid, they offer the opportunity to guide an international organization and create change at an overarching level. All positions will require 5-10 hours of work a week, and transportation costs to HQ events will be covered as appropriate. Participation in the Leadership Team offers the opportunity to engage with fiercely passionate people on a national level, work on new ideas across disciplines and sectors, and implement sustainability. If this sounds exciting, we hope you will join us. We encourage applications from women and underrepresented individuals so that our leadership better represents the diversity of the ESW community!

Please note: While we are often looking for volunteers for specific projects or initiatives (as with annual LT recruitment), inquiries about unavailable or non-specific positions may receive a response -- we'll do our best to find a way for you to help!

Our general requirements, regardless of position, are as follows:

  • You need to be a current ESW member, either through a chapter in good standing or an at-large membership. This is easily accomplished at this page
  • You need to be passionate about sustainability, and agree with our mission, vision, and values.
  • You do need to be able to commit time to the organization, including regular conference calls. We find that in order to be effective, most positions require 5-10hrs/week on average, fluctuating by season.
  • Self-motivation is important for the digital environment that we work in. 
  • You don't have to be familiar with ESW-HQ - we're friendly people, and we'd love to meet you. 

How to Apply

You can apply to any of the positions below by sending a cover letter and resume to

Deadline: February 6, 2017

Available Positions

Donor Relations Coordinator 
Position Description

The Donor Relations Coordinator fosters the relationships with individual donors and encourages their continual contributions and involvement. They are responsible for growing the organization’s resources from individuals, managing a large, decentralized group of donors, and developing giving societies: groups of individual donors who consistently support the organization by contributing the same amount every year.  This position offers the opportunity to network with students and professionals across the world.

Chapter Relations Coordinator 
Position Description

Chapter Relations Coordinators (CRCs) are the main connection between chapters and ESW-HQ. They work closely with chapter leaders to ensure effective communication and collaboration between chapters, make sure that chapters know about current ESW-HQ initiatives, and help chapters deal with strategic challenges. CRCs work together with the CR Director to ensure the Leadership Team  is well-informed and able to connect with chapters regularly and frequently, and that chapters are receiving all appropriate information and updates from the HQ. Becoming a CRC is a natural step for chapter leaders that want to move up a level and help share their knowledge with more schools!

Professional Member Coordinator 
Position Description

The Professional Member Coordinator works to ensure effective communication and collaboration between professional members, chapters, and ESW-HQ and to provide general event planning assistance. Professional Member Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that professional chapters and members are receiving the latest information and updates from HQ as well as documenting planning processes, best practices, and actual events. The coordinator will also work closely with the Communications and Technology department to market ESW professional events.

Communcations Coordinator 
Position Description
The Communications Coordinator develops and maintains external communications, ensuring consistent, regular, and effective content reaches outside of the existing ESW network. The Marketing Coordinator ensures that new information about ESW’s programs is well-written and is tailored to the right audiences. S/he also helps other team members in preparing written materials for both internal and external purposes. Finally, s/he will occasionally be asked to represent ESW at public events as available and appropriate and act as the public face of ESW for general inquiries. 


Projects and Education Coordinator 
Position Description
The Projects/Education Coordinators manage day-to-day operations for ongoing projects initiatives and work to create new initiatives. The Projects/Education Coordinator may also work with the other members of the Projects and Education department to develop online short courses, develop new educational strategies and content, assist with K-12 program development, and develop educational resources for the ESW website.