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Natural Herbicides

Chapter: Georgia Institute of Technology (GA Tech)
Project Leader: Ms. Grace Brosofsky
Spatial Scope: Campus, Community, Research, Education | Current Status:
# of Active Members: 9

We have conducted experiments showing that a combination of 10% d-Limonene and 10% acetic acid demonstrates maximal efficacy as an alternative to traditional chemical herbicides that have many negative health and environmental impacts. We seek to expand collaboration with Georgia Tech’s Landscape Services Department and small-scale organic gardeners to promote natural weed management strategies. We have cultivated a relationship with the Atlanta Community Food Bank’s Community Garden Leadership program to encourage gardeners to use organic weed control methods and facilitate the success of local food production efforts. We also teach classes on using natural herbicides in academic settings, distribute instructional materials on organic weed control, and provide natural herbicides to Georgia Tech's own garden.