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Chapter: Purdue University
Project Leader: None Provided
Spatial Scope: Campus, Community | Current Status:
# of Active Members:

The idea of the AutoSwitch is to save electricity in a household setting without the users having to think about it every time. The device will be a power strip that is using a micro controller, in our case an arduino yun, to control a relay switch built into the strip. This micro controller will be connected to the homes wifi and will be able to tell when a pair device connects or disconnects to the same wifi. If the device is connected then the controller will flip the relay switch, turning on the power strip and everything plugged into it. And when the device is not in range of the wifi (disconnected) then the micro controller will turn off the power strip saving energy.

Currently, the project members are divided into three groups. These groups include programming the yun, programming the app that will be associated with connecting the phone to the arduino, and the hardware. The hardware team has assembled the relay switch and needs to implement it into the power strip while both programming teams are continuing to work on codes to test.