Project Details

Medic Mobile in a Box

Chapter: Stanford University
Project Leader: Vineeth Gangaram
Spatial Scope: Campus, International | Current Status:
# of Active Members: 7

Our team is partnering for a second year with Medic Mobile, a startup that provides open source software for healthcare data collection and analysis to frontline health workers in the developing world. However, Medic Mobile has encountered problems while deploying their existing software, especially in areas that lack consistent Internet access or standardized hardware, and needs a simplified setup so that any community can deploy their platform. Our project aims to consolidate Medic Mobile’s suite of applications into one easy to use device. This device will act as an SMS message receiver as well as a self-contained server and local wireless network in order to collect and share data with healthcare workers in these communities. Over the previous year, our team successfully completed an initial prototype and field-tested the device in Kathmandu, Nepal. This year, we’ll be looking to further improve the durability and usability of our device, as well as continue testing in Nepal during the upcoming summer.