Chapter Projects

ESW projects design, build, and implement solutions to sustainability issues, often with a focus on energy and the environment. Chapters select their own project topics and locations for implementation based on the interests of their members, and the resources and guidance available to them at their respective universities. Some chapters chose to focus primarily on sustainability issues on campus or in their local community, while others work to implement sustainable development solutions for communities in the developing world. Many have project portfolios that include a mix of local and international efforts. Topics vary widely across chapters, but include areas such as clean energy generation and energy savings, water and wastewater treatment/management, and the development of green infrastructure. To carry out these projects, chapters often partner with on-campus staff, community organizations, or other sustainability organizations that have experience and established relationships in the communities where they work.

You can view many of the projects completed or in progress in this directory, and we encourage you to contact the chapter to learn more or help implement a similar project where you are!

Please use the options below to confine your search. To view projects conducted by specific chapters please visit our chapter pages by traveling here. ESW Members can add projects by clicking here.

Chapter: CSU Sacramento
Spatial Scope: Campus
Start Year: 2015

There are two parts to the tower: condensation collection or fog collection

Chapter: Texas Tech University
Spatial Scope: Campus
Start Year: 2015

The NRHC Solar Project is an investigation into whether a photovoltaic solar panel system could be reasonable economically for supplying... More!

Chapter: Clarkson University
Spatial Scope: International, Research
Start Year: 2015

We are working with a friend of our faculty advisor who works in Thailand at a non-profit aid organization. We will be potentially... More!

Chapter: University at Buffalo
Spatial Scope: Campus, Research
Start Year: 2015

This is to create a public sustainable phone charging station on UB North Campus using solar energy. We want all students to have access... More!

Chapter: University at Buffalo
Spatial Scope: Campus
Start Year: 2003

Each year, UB's engineering clubs build robots to compete in Bot Wars as a part of Engineering Week. ESW's members put their... More!

Chapter: University at Buffalo
Spatial Scope: Research
Start Year: 2015

Aeroponics tests the capacity of efficient artificial farming. It takes the benefits of hydroponics and improves upon them without... More!

Chapter: University at Buffalo
Spatial Scope: Community
Start Year: 2012

This project works on turning an abandoned neighborhood lot in downtown Buffalo into a green space which can be enjoyed by the whole... More!

Chapter: Union College
Spatial Scope: Campus, Education
Start Year: 2015

We have created a stationary bike that, when pedaled, will rotate the blades inside of a blender attached to the back of the bike. Next... More!

Chapter: Kennesaw State University
Spatial Scope: Campus, Community, International
Start Year: 2014

The Rubble House is a genius concept that echoes the spirit of other sustainable technologies from the past—it uses what is thrown away... More!

Chapter: Seattle University
Spatial Scope: International
Start Year: 2013

In December 2013, SU-ESW traveled to Huai San, a village in the Chiang Mai district of Thailand. This particular area of Thailand, close... More!