Shira Zingman-Daniels

Development Coordinator
Leadership Team
A Bay Area native, Shira Zingman-Daniels graduated from UC San Diego in 2014 with a degree in Environmental Engineering and a minor in Urban Studies and Planning. After finishing school, she moved back to San Francisco and now works as an energy engineer focusing on energy efficiency and alternative energy solutions for California public educational institutions.
Shira became involved in ESW her sophomore year of college at UC San Diego. She quickly fell in love with the organization’s mission and became involved in chapter leadership as the VP of Fundraising and later the VP of Public Relations. As a Development Coordinator, she hopes to use her passion to expand ESW’s professional community and to help spread ESW’s message of sustainability and action.
Outside of her job and work for ESW, Shira loves to travel to new places, run, hike, cook, and bake. She loves to meet other sustainability-minded people and is excited to be a part of the ESW National Team!