Melissa O'Mara

Founder & Chief Catalyst, i3Activate
Advisory Board

Melissa O'Mara is founder and chief catalyst at i3Activate, LLC, a network consulting, coaching and training company addressing the role of people as both the greatest enabler and the greatest barrier to sustainable progress and large-scale change initiatives such as future of cities, resilient communities and future of healthcare and education. Melissa's personal mission is to maximize institutional and cultural response to environmental and economic challenges through activating teams and communities of purpose, accelerating public/private collaboration and innovation, and enabling collective leadership.Melissa often speaks on these topics at smart city, sustainability and cleantech conferences. 

Prior to founding i3Activate, LLC, Melissa has 27 years in information systems consulting, project management, change management, consultative solution sales, solutions sales management, professional coaching, and leadership development at Schneider Electric, IBM and Andersen Consulting. In her most recent corporate role as Chief Catalyst, US Smart Cities, Melissa was responsible for launching smart city innovation teams for selected US cities, enabling collaborative innovation across the city value chain.

O’Mara earned a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Distribution from Clarkson University. She is a patent holder, a certified professional co-active coach (CPCC), a speaker, consultant and coach on the Purpose Economy, Bigger Game and Collective Leadership.