Karen Kaminsky

Communications Coordinator
Leadership Team

Karen is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, where she received her B.S. in Chemical Engineering. After enrolling in the Wicked Problems in Sustainable Engineering course at Pitt in 2013, she joined Pitt’s ESW chapter and quickly got involved in a number of ESW initiatives, from volunteering on the regional conference planning team to leading an LCA+U study on composting at the dining facilities at Pitt. Karen currently works for Chicago nonprofit Elevate Energy, where she works with apartment building owners to implement energy efficiency measures in their properties. In the next few years, she is looking at going to grad school for urban planning or something similar, aiming to combine her engineering knowledge with broader policy and sustainability challenges. She also likes cats, dinosaurs, and public libraries.

Karen joined the Leadership Team as Communications Director in February of 2014. She handles external communications - social media, newsletters, and press releases, among other things - and ensures effective communication throughout the organization, helping to grow the ESW community.