Hien Nguyen

Technology Coordinator

Hien is a recovering liberal arts graduate interested in leveraging innovations in technology to solve fundamental problems threatening people and their environments. Recognizing that the first step in solving any problem is knowledge, he joined Engineers for a Sustainable World hoping to further its mission to educate others about sustainable practices and issues surrounding sustainability. In 2016, Hien joined the Communications and Technology leadership team as a Technology Coordinator. He works to develop and improve upon ESW's websites, so that the organization can better evangelize its message.

A native of San Diego, Hien graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a B.A. in Political Science, and minors in History and Psychology. He moved to the San Francisco Bay Area following graduation, working at various law firms -- helping the injured while gaining valuable experience and insight about our legal system. Now working towards transitioning out of the legal field, Hien is passionate that issues of both economic and environmental justice be cornerstones of his future career.