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Introductions (say hello!)

As an initial thread in this forum (and to get you used to using them), introductions are in order. Rules of the internet - things are public, so be careful with the information you put out. 

My name is Alex, I'm the Executive Director for ESW, I'm in Pittsburgh, and I've been interested in alternative economics for years. I've taken a variety of formal econ classes, and read a lot about limits to growth and steady-state models, but never gotten to put it all together. When I'm not running ESW, I try to find time to cook, climb, hike, and read. I look forward to talking with everyone!

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My name is Pat, I'm the

My name is Pat, I'm the Professional Relations Coordinator for ESW. I live in Philadelphia where I work in management consulting for Accenture. I've always been interested in economics as a lens to look at global trends, but I'm usually bummed by the emphasis on growth at the expense of a broader conversation about economic health. I think this will actually be the first economics class I've ever officially taken and I'm really looking forward to it.

I missed the first session today. Any idea when it will be available online?


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Hello!  My name's Chris.  I'm

Hello!  My name's Chris.  I'm the Chaper Relations Coordinator: West for ESW.  I'm currently in Denver for grad school and rock climbing.  I've been getting more interested in economics for the last few years, but so far my only exposure has been that one macro econ class I took in undergrad and the Planet Money and Freakenomics podcasts.