2016 ESW Annual Conference

April 7, 11:00am to April 10, 7:00pm
University of California Berkeley



The 2016 ESW Annual Conference will be hosted at UC Berkeley, and will be based around the theme of Change: Policy & Products. ESW’s Annual Conferences bring together students and professionals from around the country to learn design and leadership skills, hear from researchers and professionals about the state of sustainable design, collaborate on design challenges, and meet to forge a stronger community. Expect to come away inspired to create something new, with the skills to do it. If you’re excited about sustainability and implementation:  THIS is where YOU should be! 

11th Annual Engineers for a Sustainable World Annual Conference - Entrepreneurship vs. Public Policy

A wide variety of global issues demand action. Two common levers are new policies, both regionally or nationally, and new exterprises, from clean tech to social business. The Bay Area highlights the possibilities of both - from a strong state carbon tax to the force of Silicon Valley's thriving ecosystem. Both have their own strengths and weaknesses, and both offer the possibility of real change. Sessions will look at questions like: How will these levers interact? Which is best for various problems? How can engineers engage with either?

If your organization is interested in supporting this event and ESW’s mission of finding and implementing sustainable solutions to today’s challenges, check out our Sponsor Brochure or contact Jordan Crolly at jcrolly@eswusa.org for more information.