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  • Published January 19, 2016

    In mid-November,the ESW chapter at the University of Wisconsin - Madison (UW) joined the ESW network. As one of our newest chapters, they are quickly shaping up to be a strong addition to our organization.

  • Published December 24, 2015

    Since graduating from Smith College earlier this year, former ESW-Smith president Maya Kutz has been working as a laboratory technician in Dr. Philson Warner's aquaponics research lab at the Cornell University Cooperative Extension in New York City. Still an emerging technology, aquaponics is a type of urban agriculture that combines hydroponics and aquaculture, or fish farming.

  • Published December 22, 2015

    The United Nations climate change negotiations concluded earlier this month in Paris. In my work outside of ESW, I was there as part of a coalition of almost 1,000 organizations from 110 countries dedicated to stopping climate change.

  • Published December 22, 2015

    The ESW chapter at Miami Dade College (MDC) InterAmerican campus is one of our smaller chapters, but they are working on an impressive mobile solar-powered charging station.

  • Published December 10, 2015

    Last weekend, the ESW chapter at California Institute of Technology hosted the second SoCal Regional Conference with representatives from six chapters: UC San Diego, Harvey Mudd College, CSU Long Beach, CSULA, UC Merced, and of course, Caltech itself.

  • Published December 6, 2015

    We're between our 2015-16 regional conferences, and in the middle of planning for April, but we also want to pause and look forward to next year. Each of our conferences is hosted by a local chapter, and we want to see that continue - it connects schools to ESW-Headquarters, it shows off local talent and achievement, and it keeps costs lower for everyone.

  • Published November 22, 2015

    During our previous cycle of LCA+U, ESW member Tatiana Freiin von Rheinbaben at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) used what she learned in our short course and her access to life cycle assessment (LCA) tool Sustainable Minds to analyze plastic vs. porcelain plates, bowls, cups, and utensils at different dining halls on campus.

  • Published November 16, 2015

    The ESW Chapter of Kapiolani Community College (KCC) is one of our newest chapters, and is already breaking ground with cool projects.  One of their major projects thus far: the design and implementation of a water delivery system for an on-campus rain garden.

  • Published November 14, 2015

    I spent much of the last month traveling throughout the US to a couple of sustainability-focused conferences with my fellow ESW-LT member, Sarah Seraj.

  • Published November 11, 2015

    Last month, members of several different ESW chapters in the Midwest converged in Lafayette, Indiana for our first Regional Conference of the year! Thank you to ESW-Purdue for organizing and hosting the event.

  • Published November 9, 2015

    We love showcasing what all of our members and chapters are up to - check out our Chapter Feature archives to see a lot of great projects.

  • Published November 1, 2015

    We are now accepting proposals for the ESW New England Regional Conference at Smi

  • Published October 19, 2015

    While many ESW chapters proudly work in developing communities, the chapter at Rensselaer Polytecnhic Institute (RPI) takes it to the next level with not one but two major international projects: bringing solar hot water heaters to a Mayan community in Mexico, and developing a solar charging station in Haiti.

  • Published September 14, 2015

    The Networks department had a successful year last year and are looking to make this year even better.

  • Published August 17, 2015

    Since graduating from the University of Rhode Island this spring, Jessica Damicis has been working as an Environmental Engineer for the water department of Louis Berger in Providence, Rhode Island while also serving as a Chapter Relations Coordinator for the ESW Leadership Team.

  • Published July 2, 2015

    Our fiscal year rolled over yesterday, and the biggest addition to our programs this year will be around resilient communities. That's going to include a design challenge to connect students and communities in January-April, but it'll also manifest in a few new short courses and other conversations. Why resilient communities? Well, that's the Big Idea. Let me explain.

  • Published June 30, 2015

    I spent more than half of June at conferences, presenting the academic side of what ESW is up to, making new connections, and getting a chance to check out several chapters along the way. I’ve got many pages of notes, so these are just the highlights.

  • Published May 17, 2015

    Our Chapter Relations Director, Mike Alcazaren, recently got a chance to visit several chapters (and a potential chapter!) in the Northeast US. This was a great opportunity for knowledge-sharing - Mike got to share how ESW-HQ supports chapters, and chapter leaders showed how they organize their meetings, engage their members, and plan their projects.

  • Published April 22, 2015

    This past Saturday, we honored several members and chapters who are doing great work and showing it off. We also awarded the winners of our first community-focused Inter Chapter Design Challenge. Congratulations to all these amazing people!

  • Published April 19, 2015

    Session 5

    Abstract Presentations – Sustainability Research